Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Scoop: A "Green Mayor" in the 'Burg' is Demanded!

Sadly, this read is published in New Zealand, not Pittsburgh. And, that "demand" seems more like a "prayer" and less of a urgent need that is strongly requested.
Scoop: A Green Mayor in the 'Burg' is Demanded!: "A �Green Mayor� in the 'Burg' is Demanded!
Opinion: United States Green Party

By Ceci Wheeler, Green Party
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

If readers are not acquainted with the Green Party of America http://www.gp.org/ it is because a national two-party structure has managed to block its existence from the time it was born in the United States, 15 years ago.

The Green Party, the party of the issues, presents to its new recruites with its 10-key values which dominates its national platform. These values are based on the needs of all the American people, specifically the poor and the working classes.

I've always understood that I'd get press (both as a candidate and with other endeavors) from other outlets, other than those in the city, well before it would come from the established press here.

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