Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy Life without a law degree

Pittsblog has a thread and reactions to life in Pittsburgh as a lawyer. Sorry to take this out of context, but anyway... My $.02 posted over there includes:

The low risk mindset in business means tiny action in new/emerging business, and coldness to the entrepreneur spirit.

Hence, the upside is more like a rolling hill and less like a mountain peak.

Plus, we've got a FORTUNE 500 culture too. Heavy rewards are associated with staying within the box, protecting what you've got.

Finally, the fortunes around here came with a tightness to the goods, the carbon-based products and the raw materials.

Bankers were eager to give millions to six-color, perfecting, waterless, plateless printing press -- but wouldn't give a nickle for a book idea, brand building, or knowledge content delivery unless a dozen patents and a Fortune 500 sponsor was to co-sign.

Lawyers in Pgh are asked to play DEFENSE all the time. That ain't as much fun just for variety's sake.

Yet we are wired to work hard, build, make things -- and the lawyers have their noses to the other grindstone with lower satisfaction, frankly.

Jeepers, it sucks to be you. But it is fun to talk about your quagmire of gloom. =;0

The only thing worse than being a lawyer in a town with a Fortune 500 mindset is being a lawyer in the political realm in a town without an ounce of common sense in how to govern and budget.

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