Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The story below come from Dr. Robert Schuller via a friend. Given Pittsburgh's recent fishing frenzy, it fits.
A tourist walked down a pier and watched a fisherman pull in a large fish, measure it, and throw it back. He caught a second fish, smaller this time, measured it, and put it in his bucket. Oddly, all the large fish that he caught that measured ten inches or more he discarded. All fish smaller than ten inches he kept. Puzzled, the curious onlooker questioned, "Pardon me, but why do you keep the little ones and throw the big ones away?" The old fellow looked up and without blinking an eye said, "Why, because my frying pan measures only ten inches across!"

Foolish? Of course. But no more so than when you throw away the biggest ideas and the most beautiful dreams that come into your mind simply because your experience is too limited, your self-confidence too undeveloped to enable you to grab hold of the big opportunities God sends your way!

Start growing now. Think big. Big things happen to big-thinking people. Nothing big happens to little-thinking people.

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