Tuesday, August 16, 2005

When the under river tunnels to the North Shore turn out to be a total waste -- will we be able to squeeze a casino in there instead?

Most of my transportation chatter happens at another blog called, "Ratsburgh."

The bids open today for the tunnels.

What type of guarantee do we get that we won't get our own version of Boston's Big Dig?

But most of all, I want to have the tunnels to have a re-use after it is proven that they are a total waste. Can we squeeze a casino into them?

One T-stop by Heinz Field could be for food and drinks. The T-stop by PNC Park could be for table games and serve as a pawn shop for jewels and tokens. One tunnel works as the smokers' section and the other for non-smoking. Then the Gateway Center stop is for security, strip searches, and for renting bikes.

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jipzeecab said...

Well at least we found out on
Wednesday, the 16th, that PAT can keep the water out of their tunnels. It might be the driest place available by the time casinos get approved.