Saturday, August 06, 2005

Skeptical, forlorn, -- what's the word to describe these onlookers?

The new boss of the Pgh Public Schools is standing up, before others in the city. Look at this photo and give your best description of these skeptical citizens.
The old boss, Dr. John T, was able to improve student achievement. He did. Test scores were improving. But he's on the way out. The test scores were not the sticking point. It takes more than test scores to be a success.

A few of Dr. T's downfalls include the driver, the office remodeling, the spending on the wrong credit card for clothing, his salary. But, sadly, those are the type of issues that the Pittsburgh media can get its simple mind around. Test scores too, fit into that "narrow vision of the world mindset."

Dr. T was a success, in many ways, who had run his course in Pittsburgh. His time here ended.

Let's hope and insure that Roosevelt's tenure in Pittsburgh is a success on many, many fronts, that include and go beyond test scores. We crave some political advancements, some fiscal champions, better community bonds, more civic interactions among all the hours of the day, and so on.

But for now: Skeptics rule. Pittsburgh citizens are going to watch, crossed armed. If Mark Roosevelt goes nose to nose and puts a hand in our chest for handshakes and yanks into the classrooms of the schools -- and gyms, swim pools, auditoriums, and libraries too -- then we'll start to smile.

Time will tell how he does by what he does. But, it takes two to tango. Let's dance.

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