Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dennis McKee, Indie Candidate from N. Sewickley Township

Letter to the Editor - Independents can run, too

Printed in the Beaver County Times.
In reference to the editorial "Point of attack" advising us that "heads must roll" but that it is not a practical goal to remove all the legislators.

I disagree. It doesn't have to be just the two parties removing them. Independent candidates have won elections all the way up to the governorship of some states, and some have even made some strong runs at the presidency.

The public has proven time and time again that if Independent candidates reflect their view, they will elect them. The truth is most people support some Republican ideas and some Democratic ones. An Independent candidate who provides the public with the proper mix of both parties' best ideas would be a formidable opponent irrespective of being an Independent.

And being an Independent is the only way to do this honestly. It is my intention to be an Independent candidate against state Rep. Mike Veon when he is again up for reelection. If elected, the first two things I will do is introduce a bill that makes it a mandate for the public to approve by referendum any increase in taxes with no exceptions and, to return these outrageous raises to the taxpayers.

Dennis McKee, North Sewickley Township

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