Monday, August 29, 2005

Soon to be held CMU events: College of Fine Arts

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Carnegie Mellon's Regina Gouger Miller Gallery, Exhibition Animal Nature from August 26 - October 2, 2005, with opening reception September 2 from 5-8 p.m.

Cuarteto Latinoamericano concert at 7:30 pm on Thursday, September 22.

Philharmonic - Juan Pablo Izquierdo, Director of Orchestral Studies, conductor, September 28.

Drama Production of Lysistrata, the classic Greek “make love, not war” comedy, October 6 through October 15. See notes from Elizabeth Bradley, head of the School of Drama. "The notion that women, appalled by the cost of war, would rise together in protest to thwart aggression is an enormously .... "
BILL SEAMAN, lecture, 5 pm on September 6 to explore text, image and sound
through multiple technological forms, exploring the continuum between physical and virtual/media space. He holds a M.S. in Visual Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and now heads the Digital Media Graduate Program at RISD.

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Carnegie Mellon's Regina Gouger Miller Gallery
Presents the Exhibition Animal Nature

The Regina Gouger Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University is pleased to
announce the exhibition Animal Nature, August 26 - October 2, 2005. An opening
reception will take place on Friday, September 2 from 5-8 p.m. The Miller
Gallery organized and co-curated Animal Nature with artists Lane Hall and Lisa
Moline from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

Animal Nature is an exhibition that developed out of an ongoing,
expanding web-project entitled Criminal Animal found at
The exhibition, catalogue and related projects are unconventional in their
approach. The project brings together artists from around the globe with
scholars and critics who all are engaged in investigations of “the animal” in
one way or another. Rather than positing a tight thesis, this
exhibition-as-experiment contains diverse responses to open-ended questions.

Cuarteto Latinoamericano
Thursday, September 22
Alumni Concert Hall
7:30 pm
ConcertLine: 412.268.2383

Philharmonic - Juan Pablo Izquierdo, Director of Orchestral Studies, conductor
Wednesday, September 28
Carnegie Music Hall 8 pm
ConcertLine: 412.268.2383

Carnegie Mellon's School of Drama Announces the
Production of “Lysistrata”

Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama will perform Aristophanes
“Lysistrata,” the classic Greek “make love, not war” comedy, October 6 through
October 15, 2005 in the Philip Chosky Theatre in the Purnell Center for the
Arts located on Carnegie Mellon's campus.

For tickets call the School of Drama box office at 412-268-2407. The box office
is open Monday-Friday, noon to 5 p.m., or purchase on line at

Elizabeth Bradley, head of the School of Drama commented that the
play is compelling because, “The notion that women, appalled by the cost of
war, would rise together in protest to thwart aggression is an enormously
empowering and compelling theme for young theatre artists to explore in our
contemporary world. Disenfranchised by their gender in their society, the
success of their protest shows us that outsider voices can effect great change.
But in addition, we must recall that Aristophanes wrote a comedy, and the
ingenious schemes and stratagems of ancient Greece remain captivating for
today's audiences.”

A favorite of antiwar activists throughout world history, this play
is one of Aristophanes' greatest surviving works. Lysistrata and her female
comrades take control of the Athenian Acropolis, outraged by the ongoing war
between the men of Athens and Sparta. Led by Lysistratra, the women of Athens
and the women from Sparta join forces to declare a nationwide moratorium on all
sexual congress until the men end the war.

Grisha Coleman, Research Fellow at Carnegie Mellon's STUDIO for
Creative Inquiry, Presents a Public Performance of echo :: system

Grisha Coleman, a research fellow at the STUDIO for Creative
Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University, recently received a grant from
Pittsburgh's Multicultural Arts Initiative to do a public performance of her
project, echo::system, specifically the second installation in a series of
five: “ActionStation #2 -The Desert.” The performance will take place on Friday
September 9, at 8 p.m. at the Helen Wayne Rauh Studio Theater, Purnell Center
for the Arts at Carnegie Mellon University

The project is a unique collaboration by Coleman and her colleagues because it
is a series of works
that are site-specific, live performance segments focusing on natural habitats
such as the bottom of the ocean, an open prairie, a volcanic island and a
desert. Coleman said, “By attempting to apply one process, that of live
performance, to illuminate another, that of science and scientific methods, I
hope to create a new awareness for collaborators and audiences of the
creativity and resonance between art and science.”

School of Art Lecture Series

Tuesday, September 6, 5pm
McConomy Auditorium, Carnegie Mellon

William Curtis Seaman's work explores text, image and sound
through multiple technological forms, exploring the continuum
between physical and virtual/media space. His award winning
art has been exhibited internationally at the Guggenheim
Museum Soho, Wexner Art Center in Ohio, ZKM in Karlesruhe,
the Intercommunication Center in Tokyo, Ars Electronica in
Linz, and the Canadian National Gallery where he was commis-
sioned to create Red Dice/Dés Chiffré, an homage to the work
of the poet Mallarmé. Seaman received a PH.D. from CAiiA,
the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Arts at University
of Wales and holds a M.S. in Visual Studies from the Massa-
chusetts Institute of Technology. He currently heads the Digital
Media Graduate Program at RISD.

Filmmaker Trinh T. Minh-ha Shows Film,
“Night Passage,” At Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon University's lecture series “Aesthetics out of Bounds,” first
lecturer Trinh T. Minh-ha will discuss her career and show her new film, “Nigh
Passage.” Minh-ha will show her film September 12 at 4 p.m. and then discuss
the film at 5:30 p.m. The film and lecture will take place in the Philip
Chosky Theater, Purnell Center for the Arts on Carnegie Mellon's campus. This
lecture is free and open to the public.

“All of the speakers in the series share an interest in the actual process of
making and displaying art, but they don't shun serious intellectual reflection
on artistic objects and experiences,” said Michael Witmore, an associate
professor of English who is teaching the fall section of the course. “You see
this breadth from our first speaker, Trinh T. Minh-ha, who has written powerful
essays about the cultural language of film and its associated technologies, but
who is also constantly making films, lecturing on international cinema,
collaborating with other artists and scholars, even composing.”

Minh-ha is a filmmaker, writer and composer. She has received
several awards and grants (including the AFI National Independent Filmmaker
Maya Deren Award, fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Film
Institute, and the California Arts Council). Her recent film, “Night Passage,”
pays homage to Kenji Mizyazawa's children's sci-fi classes “Milky Way

“Trinh Minh-ha consistently challenges her audiences with each new
work, constantly shifting the ways in which she critically engages with the
form and spirit of cinema,” said Irina Leimbacher from the San Francisco

Future Tenant

For 15 days, The Future Tenant, located in the heart of the Pittsburgh Cultural
District, will be transformed into an evocation of style, beauty, and Fashion!
The walls will be adorned with fashion inspired works, the stage will be set
for the cat walk, the music will pulsate and the (dressed the nines) audience
will be left breathless-all in celebration of Pittsburgh Fashion Design.

From August 26 to September 9, The Future Tenant, will play host for Diva's and
Friends: A Handmade Soiree, A Tribute to Pittsburgh Fashion Design, featuring
and celebrating over 100 Pittsburgh based local artists, designers, weavers,
glass blowers, jewelers, etc¡ The theme is fashion and this diverse community
will present three evenings of fashion shows surrounded by an environment of
fashion inspired visual artwork.

- September 2 will play host to pieces from Little Black Dress, located on
Ellsworth Ave. in Shadyside. Doors will open at 6 pm with the show beginning
at 7 pm.
- September 9 will close our two weeks with iman B from 6pm till 9 pm with the
show beginning at 7pm. Music for this evening will be provided Soma Mestizo

Each event will feature food, and beverage before and after each show. Many of
the designers and artists have graciously donated work and a raffle will take
place each evening, with proceeds benefiting the Southside Center for
Counseling, SSCC, Inc.;"Hope Without Insurance", a non-profit that will provide
service for those mental health/drug and alcohol clients. A suggested donation
will be taken at the door.

As always, visit us at for more information, or call us at
412.325.7037. But also, visit us at our new myspace account,

Call for Artists_______________________________________________________________

Subject: Call for Proposals at The FRAME Gallery

Attention Students, Faculty, and Staff :

The FRAME Gallery is accepting proposals for this season's exhibition schedule!
Applications are welcomed from all areas of the Carnegie Mellon community.

You can find proposal forms on the 3rd floor CFA next to the art mailboxes. If
you have trouble finding them please inquire at the art office or email either
Marina Kliger (mkliger@) or Nick Pozek (npozek@).

The due date for proposals will be September 9. Be sure to include all
information requested on the proposal form including preferred dates, contact
information, and a concise but thorough 1-page proposal. Photographs,
illustrations, diagrams, and other forms of supplementary information are
strongly encouraged.

Thank you.

The FRAME staff

Marina Kliger (co-director)
Nick Pozek (co-director)
Stephanie Armbruster (business manager)
Michael A. Kontopoulos (communications manager)