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A search for "Rauterkus" at turn up these hits: 5/17/2005 Search Rank: 936
Mark Rauterkus: Libertarian candidate for PA Senate in the Special Election, releases regional regrets. 4/1/2005 Search Rank: 304
Rauterkus: Open letter to residents of Western Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Archives) 5/1/2005 Search Rank: 152
Post-Gazette endorses Fontana for 42nd state Senate District, says he's a better fit than opponents Diven and Rauterkus. 4/15/2005 Search Rank: 152
Mark Rauterkus, candidate for PA Senate: Tax Day, April 15. Going from BAD to WORSE.

The Associated Press 3/31/2004 Search Rank: 123
Parents, nonprofits stepping in to keep Pittsburgh facilities open while officials debate funding.

Tribune-Review 5/1/2005 Search Rank: 101
42nd District state Senate election expected to set spending record. The showdown pits Rep. Diven, a Democrat-turned-Republican, against Democrat Fontana and Libertarian Rauterkus. From Saturday's edition.

The Associated Press 5/18/2005 Search Rank: 72
AP: Democrats hold onto both of two state Senate seats that were up for grabs in special elections Tuesday.

The Associated Press 5/16/2005 Search Rank: 57
Mayors' troubles draw crowded races in Erie, Pittsburgh and Allentown.

The Associated Press 5/16/2005 Search Rank: 48
AP: Election action in Tuesday's primary mainly local.

The Associated Press 3/25/2004 Search Rank: 48
Parents worry free summer meals another casualty of Pittsburgh's debt.

The links won't work, above, as the terms of the service are very restrictive. One can get a trial subscription for a few days at the site. Let me know what you think.

I'm far more impressed with an open-source approach as with the WIKI concepts. So, I'm not too excited to subscribe and see content that I can't link to and quote with liberal context and fair use understandings.

I've got more to explore there. Pointers and insights welcomed.

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