Monday, August 15, 2005

Backlash rolls against POLITICIANS in Harrisburg

Here is a nice effort. They have a fiddle MP3 knock off radio ad too. Critique follows.
YCOP Announces Multi-Media Campaign Targeting State Legislators Who Voted for Unconstitutional Pay Increase

HARRISBURG (Aug. 15, 2005)If the state legislators who voted themselves an unconstitutional pay raise thought the summer heat would evaporate the matter from the collective conscience of the taxpayers, they thought wrong.

Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania (YCOP) is producing a multi-media campaign comprising a web site, radio ads, billboards and bumper stickers to fan the flames of a grassroots brushfire across the Commonwealth and encourage repeal of the unconstitutional measure.

The first leg of the campaign begins this week with the launch of and radio ads that will air on stations in the portion of the state represented by State Senate President Pro Tempore Bob Jubelirer, who voted himself a whopping 34% pay increase.

Visitors to can hear the radio ads, view the billboards that YCOP will begin popping up later this summer, make a contribution for a "Remember The Pay Raise!" bumper sticker, or even sponsor another InformedPA billboard.

"Instead of defending the unconstitutional pay raise and ignoring the growing public outrage, legislative leaders should rush forward to repeal the measure," said State Chairman Chris Lilik.

For more information on this project please visit

For starters, I love the bumper sticker, "Remember the Pay Raise." Perfect. Get one if you wish. That's classic and gets two thumbs up.

A negative ad is a negative ad. I'm not fully against negative ads as I often rail against negative ads -- being negative myself.

The bluegrass fiddle music that plays in the background of the radio ad is over the top and hits me as "elitist." Stuffy republicans want to talk down to the people about a 30-year state senator and play hick music to score points is out of whack.

Background music is needed, for sure. But make it blend into the background. Make it pop, a solo rif or more like an orchestra.

Putting a photo on a billboard is POSITIVE -- even if it is a hit. The hit isn't strong enough. I think, in the end, it is going to be a help, not a hit.

I have questions about the motivation of the overall goal, but perhaps that remains to be proven and waits for another wave of postings.

For example, the voting record for the state politicians, with a listing of all their names, only goes an inch deep. No elected politician in Harrisburg raised a voice on the floor of either chamber to object to the middle of the night legislation. I think that the list is presented to give a lot of cover for a lot of people who need the cover.

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