Friday, August 12, 2005

KDKA: Pittsburgh Task Force Not Firm on Slots Money for Arena

Does anyone care to inform KDKA TV that Tom Murphy is NOT one of the two most powerful politicians in Pittsburgh. Mayor Murphy is a lame duck who was a marathon runner and he couldn't even keep the Pittsburgh Marathon alive.

If Murphy wants money from slots to go to the new hockey arena, then that is good enough reason to object to the concept.

KDKA: Pittsburgh Task Force Not Firm on Slots Money for Arena The two most powerful politicians in Pittsburgh agree that some revenue from a slot machine parlor to be located in the city should be used to build a new arena for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

But the task force charged with studying the idea says there's no consensus on how the money should be used.

Mayor Tom Murphy and Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato are both pushing the new arena proposal.

But the Pittsburgh Gaming Task Force, which is studying the impact of the standalone slots parlor to be built in the city, says there are too many options on how to use the city's share of those revenues to commit to arena funding.

The group is supposed to issue its recommendations on the project -- and how to use the local revenues -- by November.

The standalone slots parlor should NOT be built in the city. Rather we should have the new parlor operators purchase the Pittsburgh Convention Center. Then the slots income could begin in earnest at the close of the 2006 MLB (Major League Baseball) All-Star Game.

It makes no sense to wait while a new casino is built. We have a suitable building that is sitting empty that can be a great site for the casino in the short-and-long term.

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Michael P. O'Connor said...

Why do they want to get rid of the Arean, it is another bad idea, like getting rid of 3 rivers stadium. The current Areana could use some upgreads but there is no reason to distroy it and build a new one. The problem here is we are so eager to rip down the past to build the new and flashy looking things, where is the respect for the past, for tradition, etc. If they try to get rid of the Arena I will be one of those protesting it.