Friday, August 19, 2005

Final Design For Arena Unveiled

Those in glass houses should not toss stones. - News - Final Design For Downtown Arena Unveiled The final design for Kansas City's downtown arena was unveiled Thursday.

KMBC's Micheal Mahoney reported that it is a seven-story multipurpose arena that will take up almost 8.5 acres. The outside walls are made of glass.

I spanked the KC Royals of MLB's basement the other day. Now let's ponder the new arena design.

One of the most pressing issues that Pittsburgh faces is the loss of the Civic Arena. If Mario wants a new arena, fine. Let him build it. If Fast Eddie Rendell, PA Governor, wants to see the new arena, let that be his mistake. But -- don't rip down the Civic Arena just to build a new one.

KEEP the Civic Arena.

1 1 = 2 = net gain.

1 - 1 = 1 = NO GAIN, no progress, no brains.

We can use the existing Civic Arena for the circus, Elmo on Ice, Carrick's graduation, and monstor truck pulls where there is NO DEMAND FOR LUXERY BOXES.

In other matters, Pittsburgh's Great Glass Building, beyond the H.Q. of Inspector Gadgett's villan and office space, should be on Pittsburgh's North Side. The Steelers' stage should REALLY be more like a Glass Cathedral. It can't be this big, but Pittsburgh's need is for a 3,000 seat, multi-purpose venue for many situations. Ask me about this some time in person.

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