Monday, August 08, 2005

What did you do on your summer vacation?

Tell us. Pointers welcomed in the comments area of this blog.

We've done a lot and still have more to do including two trips. Next, my wife is headed to Chicago for Phonak University, a gathering with 300 or so Audiology students from around the world. She is on staff for the three day camp.

My mother has done a wonderful job this summer putting together a family newsletter. She sends out only five copies of it -- one to each family. The grandkids have been the contributors for each weekly edition.

In the weeks to come, I've got to get our digital assets better organized and online, such as what Andy has done.

Andy Carvin Program Director, EDC Center for Media & Community, went to Africa.
Last night, I put together a short vlog (video blog) about tradition kente weaving in Ghana's Ashanti region. Kente, perhaps the most famous West African textile, is brightly colored, coming in a variety of patterns, some reserved for use by Ashanti royalty. The video was shot in the historic kente weaving village of Bonwire, about an hour south of Kumasi. Three weavers are featured, each using a traditional loom to make the cloth. The video also contains music performed by Ghanaian drummer Obo Addy, used with permission from Alula Records. There are two versions of the video: high resolution (13 megs) and low resolution (two megs).

High res video

Low res video

Production notes: The video was shot on July 23, 2005 in Bonwire village, Ashanti Region, Ghana, using a Konica-Minolta dImage A-200 digital camera. The Quicktime files shot on the camera were uploaded to a Macintosh G4 laptop and edited with Final Cut Pro HD 4.5. Both versions of the video were compressed using the 3ivx compression codec. Total editing time was about 90 minutes, including compression.

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