Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Superior writting contest rules and endeavor

This writting contest endeavor is a work of beauty in its construction and purpose.
It's an attempt to increase the story output on Wikinews across all languages, inspired by the English writing contest in April. The basic idea is simple: Each contestant needs to write a story a day, or use a joker if available. When one fails to write a story within 24 hours, and runs out of jokers, one drops out of the contest. The last three persons to remain in the contest will be the winners.

Prizes, judges from each language, and contestants are needed. The hope is to start on September 1, 2005.

This would be a great first day of school activity for a college communication class or a high school engligh, media, journalism class. Or, spring this to a reading circle for adults or a group in a congregation. See if you and a buddy can have a mini-contest among yourselves within the larger contest.

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