Saturday, August 20, 2005

Jerry Bowyer on Black and White Employment

BuzzCharts: Jerry Bowyer on Black and White Employment on NRO Financial The current black unemployment rate is at its lowest point since the recession year of 2001. Black unemployment is also lower than the average for the Clinton years.

I don't know the scope of those numbers. I image that they are nation-wide.

I wonder if the numbers for locals or for our region hold to the same outcomes?

At the end of the article, the author states "that African-American citizens tend to be closer to the Republican party on moral and cultural issues, but that they have been persuaded that Republican economics are detrimental to their interests." I'll not bicker with that statement. However, I'm not sure what Republican party he is speaking of. Some of the Republicans are heavy spenders. Gov. Ridge grew the government in PA while in office. The state house and state senate are controlled by Republicans and the budget and taxes are increasing too.

"... It could be game over for the Democrats."

Wishful thinking is always welcomed. Same too with educated thinking.

However, I don't expect to see a big outward migration of African-American voters away from the "D" and to the "R" side. That move is just too hard to make. Going from "BLUE" (i.e., blue state = Democratic Party) to "RED" is a massive jump. And, to get a massive amount of voters within a block to make that jump is a massive pipedream.

However, going away from "BLUE" and landing in a "middle ground" -- but not all the way to "RED" is a different saga and offers different outlooks. I think it is possible to get a large number of black-urban-northeast voters to leave the Democratic party. A major exodus is possible, should the right motivations be presented with gusto and reason. This is would be a major blow to the "new-deal alliance" that Bowyer mentioned.

But, I don't see massive number of people doing a switch like that of Anakin Skywalker. Anakin, a Star Wars character, went from Jedi to the dark side. Going from D to R is a massive shift that some can make -- but most won't. Sorry. That notion is just too radical, too bold, too much. Human nature and some issues about the present day Republicans are such that there won't be a massive parade of individuals joining the ranks of the GOP -- even if unemployment was set to zero.

A middle ground is needed.

I don't think that there are two sides. Even a coin has three sides: heads, tails and the edge. One can roll a coin or spin a coin on its edge better than if it is flat on heads or tails.

My political registration when away from "R" and I could not become a "D" -- because the top Democrat in Pittsburgh is Tom Murphy. I can't be in a party lead by Tom Murphy. The Ds have killed our city in many ways, politically.

I've found a home in a party that isn't "RED" nor "BLUE." It is more of a middle ground. It was an easy transition. It is well suited for me -- being a Libertarian.

Some Ds might become Libertarians. Some might be more at home in the Green Party. Some as Socialist Party Members. Some are okay to reject all parties and be an INDIE.

I think that the smartest Republicans can see the value in the exodus from the ranks of the Ds. But, insightful Rs can't expect the former Ds to join the Rs.

If Republicans worked to make ballot access, debate inclusion, and other political hurdles of free assocation easier to navigate, as expressed in the Constitution, then we all win.

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Amos the Poker Cat said...

Yup, they are national numbers.

Interesting is the drop from 10.3% for June 2005 to 9.5% for July 2005. That is a HUGE drop in one month.

There are state and local unemployment numbers issues monthly, but it is not available by race. The lastest state level unemployment number by race are the Annual Averages.

2004 Annual Average for PA
Whites 4.9%
Blacks 11.8%

2004 Annual Average for US
Whites 4.8%
Blacks 10.4%