Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Diversity is not Divine

The wrong bark goes out up the wrong tree, again.

The point is not to make the 'queen for a day' concept work better in Pittsburgh. Rather, the real goal should be the elimination of royalty, boards, overlords, queens, court honchos and better-than-thou kiss-ups.

We don't need as many authorities as we got. We have too many governmental appointees.

Councilman to introduce board diversity bill
Tuesday, October 11, 2005, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh Councilman William Peduto expects to introduce legislation today aimed at increasing the diversity of appointees to city boards, authorities and commissions.

The proposed ordinance would require that the city advertise on its Web site openings on boards, like those that guide city redevelopment, public housing, parking, water and sewerage and other functions.

People could apply via the city's Web site. Each year, the city would report on the diversity of the applicants and appointees, allowing the public to track progress, he said.

"By law, we could not create a quota," he said.

"But what we can do is create a system by which the next mayor would be persuaded to make diverse appointments."

The legislation would "encourage [officials] to look beyond their usual suspects" when making appointments, said Heather Arnet, executive director of the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania, which helped craft the proposal.

Mr. Peduto said council will hold a public hearing before voting.

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