Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Opening of Chinese National Games and that

Just got to see the lift off of a Chinese rocket into space with two passengers. They'll orbit the earth and are geared to go to the moon, perhaps, in future years. The names of the astronauts was not even mentioned throughout most of the day. The coverage wasn't secret, but it was hardly direct and up-front. Interesting. The liftoff was reported to happen in a few days -- with a few day range of time. Weather was a factor, but so too was putting the cat out of the bag.

Then we got to see the opening ceremonies of the National Games in China. Parade, flags and teams of athletes. There are teams from various regions and provinces. Plus, there are teams from Telco Workers, Space Workers (big cheer with the liftoff today for them), Forestry, Railway workers, etc.
Chinese weightlifter breaks three world records -- Olympic champion Chen Yanqing broke all three world records in the 127-pound weightlifting class on Tuesday, one of two Chinese women to set new marks this week at China's national games. SI

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