Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blog Fest Prom and Page Six Fiction and Social Interaction

Did you hear about how the one blogger's avatar went to the Duquesne Club and fell in love with the tourist in a tuxedo?
CMU/Pitt Nursebot Project Social interaction: A huge number of elderly people are forced to live alone, deprived of social contacts. The project seeks to explore whether robots can take over certain social functions.
Humm.... A nurse bot that tells you to take your meds, and injects a bit of blogging content into your veins as well.

Taken to the next level, perhaps we can agree that we can use technology to heal and be an interaction force to help people live longer. So, we should build bridges to social events in the tech world too.

I suggest that others in the Pgh Blogging Universe put together a PROM for May or June. I'll attend. But, sadly, I won't be able to organize it.

With a prom, there might be some newsworthy mentions in the local, if not statewide newspapers -- like who wore pink and who came in sneakers. And proms are one of those last chances to have a youthful fling, before hitting the 'real world.'

A bloggers prom event could be a milestone for maturity for the medium and the messengers' confab.

Another suggestion, if folks really wanted to play around like teens (and perhaps strive to re-caputure their youth) -- perhaps the ring-leaders should instigate a no-agenda, fiction filled, fun-only, interactive, project for scribes and creative types that aims to be a HYPE MACHINE --- like Page Six!
Page Six is the gossip page for an out-of-town newspaper. Recent reports of journalists and clebs pimping for PR and profit, (imagine that), adds fuel to the pay-ol-a fire.
Scandal, intrigue, escapades and brushes with the high-rollers (from boardroom to bedroom to nursing homes) could be cooked up -- as in fabricated -- into a 'soap opera' that plays among various sites. And, so as to not slander anyone, the characters could be movie stars and divas of an online origin for this drama.

Any D&D gamers on the scene in the Pgh Blog space? I bet some of the seniors would have a lot of spare time on their hands.

Fantasy games, clues, discovery, investigations, and more could happen -- just for the hell and thrill of it -- online and off. Then buzz and coverage would come -- with elusive behaviors expected.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

For example:

Article: Life - MySpace spoofs irk school officials: "strange when e-mails purportedly from La Habra Principal Jennifer Leeman showed up in students' MySpace inboxes, requesting they join her MySpace network of friends.

'I figured, since we blocked MySpace at school, might as well see what all the fuss is about!' the principal's page said. 'Well, I see that MySpace is very fun and all you students out there look for it coming back!!'

It was fake, a prank played by a student at La Habra High, who filled Leeman's page with a camera-phone picture and such personal details as favorite TV shows ('Nip/Tuck') and interests ('Classic rock, especially when I'm on my hog.')."