Sunday, April 16, 2006

FWIW: Recruiting the Next Generation of Political Leaders

From antoher source, pgh.opinion, FYI:
The Center for Progressive Leadership is actively recruiting highly motivated leaders from a variety of backgrounds throughout Pennsylvania who will be ready within the next 3-10 years to:

Run for office - from local level to state or federal office Run an organization - political, issue, or community group Run a campaign - political, advocacy, or neighborhood effort

CPL is looking for emerging leaders - at an inflection point in their careers - who are eager to gain the skills, knowledge, and networks they will need to successfully reach a career in politics.

PA Springboards: A Key Step toward your Future in Politics CPL offers emerging leaders throughout the state a two-day intensive Springboard training on becoming an effective political leader. Expert national and local trainers will sharpen your message development and delivery, campaign strategy, volunteer recruitment, and political fundraising skills.

· Southeastern, Pa: June 24th and 25th (Application deadline: Friday, June 16)
· Southwestern, Pa: July 8th and 9th (Application deadline: Monday, July 3)

PA Fellowship: 9 Months of Intensive Political Training

The Pennsylvania Political Leaders Fellowship - the first long term political leadership development training in the nation - is 9 months of one on one coaching, group workshops, personal mentorship, and political networking.

The Pennsylvania Political Leaders Fellowship is a 9-month, part-time, comprehensive political leadership course designed to equip 40-60 future candidates, organization heads, and campaign operatives with the specific tools that will propel them through the political pipeline. Tuition is $750 per Fellow. Partial scholarships are available.

· Fellowship start: January 10, 2007 (Applications Accepted July 1-
September 15)

To apply go to

Our task, as leaders in the progressive community, is to search out and identify new, yet untapped, emerging leaders across the state who are ready for this type of advanced political leadership development. CPL is looking to find the leaders who have never before been identified - who may not yet know if they want to run for office. We are looking specifically for emerging leaders with:

· A Vision for Personal Achievement and a Commitment to Social Change
· A History of Community, Civic, Political Involvement
· A Willingness to be Coached

Fareeda Mabry, PA Recruitment Director
(215)923-5165 #Office

325 Chestnut Street, Suite 915
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the training dates on the Blog….We need more people out there like you. I have been trying to do more outreach in SWPA. If you know anyone, I will be coming to SWPA in mid may and early June, for an extended stay seeking out progressives….

Thanks again


Fareeda Mabry
PA Recruitment Director
Center for Progressive Leadership