Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Heads up to Lifeguard and EMS friends -- free offer for swap out

A special offer came to our attention concerning a Cervical Immobilization Device (CID). This would apply to swim pools, EMS crews, hospitals, firehouses, and such.

The company, Laerdal Medical, developed a SpeedBlocks Immobilizer. SpeedBlocks are the best device for, not only EMS field use, but for lifeguards and Water Rescue Technicians. SpeedBlocks are the very best head immobilizer system available.

Laerdal Medical is offering a Free Swap-out Program by which you can swap out your current head immobilizer for a Laerdal SpeedBlocks immobilizer. This program is available directly through the manufacturer.

Access the Laerdal Swap-out program at http://www.laerdal.com/3536/speedblocksform.htm.

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For additional information on this product and skills, access the SPINAL IMMOBILIZATION SECTION of the Lifesaving Resources’ ONLINE CATALOG.

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