Sunday, April 16, 2006

Independent Enters Pa. Governor's Race - CBS News

I'm for Diamond. Hope you consider lending your support to him too. Reform looks like this.
Independent Enters Pa. Governor's Race - CBS News Independent Enters Pa. Governor's Race

HARRISBURG, Pa., Apr. 13, 2006
(AP) Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell and his likely GOP challenger, former football star Lynn Swann, got an independent challenger on Thursday for November's gubernatorial election.

Russ Diamond, who created PACleanSweep to try to oust legislators over their botched attempt to raise their own salaries, disclosed his candidacy in an interview with The New York Times and then announced it in a statement Thursday.

He must collect signatures from 67,070 registered voters by Aug. 1 to enter the race.

Diamond said his platform includes calls to put limits on lawmakers, repeal a 2004 law that legalized slot-machine gambling and reduce property taxes.

'Let's talk about term limits ... part-time Legislature, eliminating the pensions and perks after they retire, and eliminating the career politician track,' Diamond told reporters.

The pay-raise law, which increased incimbent lawmakers' salaries by 16 percent to 54 percent, was repealed in November.

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