Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Interesting Questions on KQV poll in recent days

The Dormont Pool will be closed this summer because extensive renovations are needed to make it safe. Dormont is represented by State Senator Wayne Fontana and Representative Tom Petrone. They are asking Governor Rendell for help in funding the estimated 3-million dollar cost of repairing the pool, a cost they say the community can not afford.

The online voting was 51 to 49 percent. At one time, in the morning, the votes were heavy on the side of NOT funding the pool. Then I expect that the word got out to Dormont residents and they started to rack up the calls and clicks.

The other question of interest was about the payment for the expansion of new seats in the Steelers' venue, Heinz Field. The 700+ seats and new box / lounge area is going to be paid for, in part, by public money. The Steelers are getting an upgrade to what they already have and they don't need to pay the full freight of that upgrade.

That was turned into a KQV poll -- and when I tuned in, the bulk of the callers and clicks were to have the Steelers pay the entire amount.

Wayne Fontana, D., voted to have the public pay for the seat expansion at Heinz Field.

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