Saturday, April 01, 2006

Murray stepping down city's ICA panel

Another bites the dust.
Murray stepping down city's ICA panel: "Murray stepping down city's ICA panel

Saturday, April 01, 2006
By Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The head of a state panel that oversees the City of Pittsburgh's budget announced yesterday that he intends to resign as soon as a replacement is named."
Dr. Murray has taken a good bit of heat in recent weeks for his statements about the gambling and casino location -- so close to the campus. He jumped on the bandwagon against the IOC -- in part, they said, because a D.U. board member has an interest in the Station Square proposal.

In my neck of the woods, many found it funny that the D.U. leader would worry so much about gambling and NOT the health and wellness of the student body as they get drunk in our streets and bars and neighborhood each night. The drunkeness and even drugs is out of hand among D.U. students. And the lifestyle that has been flowing over here has seen little finger wagging.

The best thing that should happen with the ICA is a merger with Act 47. We don't need TWO groups of OVERLORDS. We need to be talking about mergers, be it in city-county administration, among fledging nonprofits, among city and county services, etc. This merger among OVERLORDS would set a good example and result in a single group that is more focused, more accountable and helpful for the city's long term health.

The ICA has been a lazy group that has not done its job. I don't think the job and duty of its mission is finished -- yet. However, they are sleeping too much, and they do need to wake up.