Friday, April 14, 2006

Part 2 (a): Pittsblog pondering: Too many cooks in terms of biz development

Outside a food joint in Chengdu.

This is the first have of part 2 of 2 parts on this topic.
Pittsblog 'Pittsburgh has a 'too many cooks' problem when it comes to tech strategy.' I heard from a number of people that personal history gets in the way of forward economic progress in Pittsburgh. There are egos, and historical associations and present commitments, that are obstacles to success. I'm not sold on this idea. Can you name an economically vibrant urban area that isn't filled with big egos and complicated histories? I wonder whether the 'too many cooks' concern is an excuse more than a real obstacle.
Think of an old-fashioned barn raising. In the good old days, or in Amish Country now, there were events when everyone in the community came to lend a hand.

The men, boys, women and girls all had roles. And, everyone was needed.

Everyone, for a period, would put a shoulder into the project. Everyone had some skin in the game for that day or weekend.

When you have too many cooks, you can't rally the community to come together to do something of major importance, lasting value, significant accomplishment.

Then the ego thing is an artifact. We can't come to help you because you didn't see fit to come help us -- or him.

If everyone is cooking their own stew -- then we can not come together to have a major banquet. Having a lot of cooks isn't the real problem. Having a lot of selfish cooks is. And, having a lot of cooks who won't re-tool for other duties is a killer too. Nobody wants to go to a banquet and have 20-stews and nobody doing bread. But, we will go to a wedding and only eat cookies. :) (between beers)

Speaking of food -- I think it is time to run to the Fish Fry....

More to come... stay tuned...

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