Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pitt vs. Penn State --- in baseball on WED night, this week in Washington County -- FREE Tickets

Free Tickets! Yes, that is worth repeating.

Ticket booth in Chicago at Navy Pier.

Pitt and Penn State do NOT play each other in football. But, they'll meet in a baseball game at 7 pm on Wednesday night in Washington County at the baseball field of the minor league team. Nice ad in the P-G today caught my attention.

Want to join us?

My wife is on the road this week to Minn. She'll be at the Am. Academy of Audiology event -- and the boys at home are ready to be out and about. Baseball is on tap for WED night. Then we've got the OPERA on Friday. On Saturday we hope to hit the Carlynton High School musical, Fiddler on the Roof. We know some of the fiddlers.

Meanwhile in Iowa, also home to a fine Audiology program, there is a massive outbreak of MUMPS. I figure they'll all get to the convention and the rest of North America will get hit in about a month. The sky is falling!

Grant, now 8, is really interested in playing baseball this summer. We'll get into softball at Ormsby Rec Center. Those practices and games are when school is out from 1 - 3 pm. If there was a baseball league in the South Hills areas that started after school ended (because I don't want to have conflicts with swimming) -- let me know. Most of the kids seasons start any week, and afterschool sessions (practices or games) won't work for us as I'm coaching and the boys are swimming five nights a week.

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