Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pittsburgh getting All-Star makeover -

I've had it up to here with this fixation on the All-Star Game. The wi-fi needs to be built by the All-Star Game. Eight officers get training in scuba for underwater work for the All-Star Game. New dogs and remote camera to peer on citizens are to be installed for the All Star Game. Red carpet to move ballplayers on convertables for the All-Star Game. And now, we get to shrink wrap and wall paper our empty buildings all around town for the All-Star Game. Redd up already -- but do it for something other than the Reds, White Sox, Red Sox and Royals -- as I'm getting a YANKed around feeling.
Pittsburgh getting All-Star makeover - "The city's facelift also could include wrapping abandoned buildings with the All-Star Game logo, Mayor Bob O'Connor said. Communities throughout a 10-county region will be encouraged to use the All-Star logo on shops and sidewalks.

'We don't just want Downtown,' O'Connor said.

But in a shift of the 'tone' from O'Connor, there is a great quote. This isn't just for 'downtown.' Right on Bob. Just as wi-fi should NOT be 'just for downtown.'
Obesity was less of a problem in 1944. And, look, the All-Star logo didn't JUST show downtown.

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