Thursday, April 13, 2006

Russ Diamond for Governor

When I ran for city council -- I kept some of the powder dry. I should be more clear. I really kept some of the 'tea' dry.
Russ Diamond for Governor HOST a Pennsylvania Tea Party!
No, you don't have to go down to the harbor. You don't have to wear costumes like the Sons of Liberty in Boston. And you don't even have to serve tea.

All you need to do is schedule and host an event to get people together and rally them behind the Russ Diamond for Governor campaign.

It can be ten neighbors in your home, 50 patriots at a block party, or 600 people at a rented hall. Your imagination is the only limit!

Please contact us today make or get suggestions and schedule your Pennsylvania tea party!"

See that brown bag on the shelf on the far right... It is on its side and only half visible. It is full of Jasmine Tea. We carried this home from Hong Kong on our recent trip. And, another batch of another flavor of tea (Pu erh) came home as well. The tea is measured in a unit called a catties. The bag has 5 catties.

We'll be hosting plenty of Pennsylvania Tea Parties this summer and fall. How about you? I could come there and BRING along the tea for your friends and neighbors.

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