Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Swann watch

Updates from others who went to the PA Converative meeting. See comments for more on two other keynotes.
The Evening Bulletin - Home - 04/04/2006 - Observations Made At The Pennsylvania Leadership Conference
Lynn Swann kicked off this weekend's Pennsylvania Leadership Conference with a message that was not received well by the staunchly conservative grassroots activists that attended. It appears that Swann is now becoming complicit with the legislative leaders in the rewriting of history about the construction and passage of the pay raise of 2005, specifically the shifting of blame to the governor. As recently as November of 2004, Swann's campaign manager, Ray Zaborney, was a paid political consultant of the political action committee PA Future Fund, which is a PAC run by Bob Asher! Why would our gubernatorial candidate want to dirty his hands with the current corruption in Pennsylvania since he is running as a reformer and a so-called 'outsider?'


Lynn Swann gave a mixed performance. When he was off the script or regaling the crowd with football analogies, he was brilliant. But when going through his prepared speech dealing with policy, he seemed like someone who only recently learned a foreign language. The Q and A portion was especially turbulent for him. Questions about the pay raise and the abhorrent spending of House and Senate GOP leaders were given very weak answers, so much so that Swann was heckled a bit. Note to Swann: TRIANGULATE, lest it be rendered true that you are deeply in the pocket of one Bob Jubelirer, a bete noir to conservatives. Swann also dropped a golden opportunity by bunting a softball on Right to Work. Swann said he'd sign a Right to Work Bill, but implied he'd take the Tom Ridge approach and not expend any political capital on it. In other words, if Swann is governor and Right to Work is your top issue, sorry about your luck.