Saturday, April 08, 2006

Swim programs at the college level

Good news and bad news about some college swimming programs. Iowa State Univ. is going to re-start its men's swim team -- and -- UNH is going to cut its program.
Camp AK-O-Mak The University of New Hampshire is ending its men's swim team program. Let's help our alumni who swam at UNH - by helping them spread our disappointment with this decision. Swimming is a great sport - and means a lot to so many of us. So, too, does equality in sport. Swimming seems to be on the short end of the stick in the UNH case. The school needs to save money - so they're ending a program that is considered 'easy' to cut.

Here is a link to write UNH's president, if you'd like to help save men's swimming: or email the UNH Athletic Director Mr. Marty Scarano at It's time to speak up for swimmers everywhere!
Thanks "running mates" for the clicks and the short note to the AD and University President.
These kids won't be going to UNH. They won't even dream about it. And, the parents of these kids won't be taking jobs as faculty and staff at UNH either. More than 100 quality students depart a campus when the men's swim team is dropped as college coaches often recruit 25 students to their campus each year. Only 10 may join the team, but more are pulled to the school for their education.
My note:
Message: I would say that the decision to cut mens swimming and diving would take away more than 100 quality student athletes from your school. A decent college coach recruits 25 new students to the school each year. Only 10 or so may join the team. But, others show up and become students. And, they'd not go there if swimming wasn't an option.

Pull together a water polo program and you'd get another 100 students -- quality students -- on campus.

Furthermore, my wife, Ph.D., professor at Univ. of Pittsburgh, won't ever go to work at a university such as yours because you don't have swimming programs. She won't swim -- but the benefits would be great for our family and for the greater community. So, you'll need to subtract ten possible new faculity members each year who won't even be interested in jobs at UNH.

Hope you see the big picture.

Signed, MR (contact details)
Dad of two swimmers, coach of two swim teams and a six years as a NCAA Division I swim coach (Ohio Univ., Baylor Univ., Bradley Univ.).

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