Monday, April 03, 2006


Your fly is about to open.
Imagine your favorite, high-speed coaster. What do you like best? Most people go for the fast descent into a wild dip followed immediately by ‘air time’ as you crest the next hill.

Imagine a ride with that thrilling sensation of weightlessness immediately followed by another... then another... and another... over and over again, in very rapid cycles? Yeah, baby!

Everyone knows a coaster descent is only as good as gravity makes it, so this is where our imaginary ride gets even better. Imagine being actually powered down, i.e. driven, into the dip! Imagine that you are then powered back up to the next heart-pounding crest with dragster-like acceleration!

Now that’s what we’re talking about! A real thrill ride! One that isn’t a coaster, but thrills like one! And it is comes into existence as Kennywood’s new ride: SwingShot.
Interesting multi-media from the old-school folks at Kennywood, Welcome to Kennywood - What's New MORE CABLE GIRLS: The SwingShot is featured on Local Cable Show. Park opens May 6. Season Passes are available for Sandcastle and Idlewild for only $49.95 until May 15th. Don’t miss a whole summer of fun for the price of about two visits!

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