Thursday, April 13, 2006

They got it wrong on the designation -- but called to say a fix was in (really)

The news director at TV 11 called to thank me for pointing out the distinction between city-wide and downtown in terms of a pending wi-fi discussion. So, the fix on that site is expected.

The blabbing is showing.... First off, a city-wide wi-fi isn't just downtown. - News - Pittsburgh City Council Considers Citywide Wi-Fi: "Pittsburgh City Council Considers Citywide Wi-Fi
System Expected To Cost More Than $500,000

POSTED: 11:23 am EDT April 10, 2006
UPDATED: 2:41 pm EDT April 10, 2006

PITTSBURGH -- Getting on the web in downtown Pittsburgh could get a little easier.

The Pittsburgh City Council is considering a plan to create a citywide Wi-Fi network.

It would allow wireless Internet equipment to be placed on city owned utility poles downtown.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor hopes to have the system in place in time for July’s baseball All-Star game.

The system is expected to cost more than $500,000."

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