Saturday, April 01, 2006

Veronica Veil -- Jeepers -- an investment there might net 420 jobs

Stage face of an opera character. Fast Eddie is at it again. This time, I've got a better answer for him to consider. You do the vo-do math.
Source: Pennsylvania Office of the Governor

PA Governor Rendell Says State Investment in Beaver County Performing Arts Center Will Create 320 jobs

Friday March 31, 5:00 pm ET

MIDLAND, Pa., March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell today said residents of the former steel town of Midland will enjoy greater cultural and educational opportunities with the commonwealth's investment of $4 million in the new Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, a project that will create 320 jobs.
Okay, if a cultural center in Midland can knock out 320 jobs, I'll just yawn. Heck, Veronica's Veil Players who already own their own building with a high stage and seating in a classic auditorium, with balcony, with character -- sans a working heater and a bit of debt on the gas bill -- should be a mother load of jobs. Why not give that organiation $2 million and generate even more jobs. Why 320 jobs -- why not 420 jobs. Beat em by 100.
The South Side has a great theater hall already built. It is owned and operated by Veronica Veil Players. Such a deal.
Take $2-million and divide it by 420 people and you'd get $50,000. One guy gets the buy the heater and install it. The other guy gets to play catch-up with the gas bill. Then you've got 418 people who can all get $20,000 per year for two years and a $10,000 signing bonus.

Heck, these are artists. These are part-time jobs mostly.

I could make my $50,000 spread out over 10 years if I'm just going to be a big patron for the arts. I don't think this show will be playing in Midland, Pa., any time soon.

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