Monday, October 02, 2006 - Dave Schuilenburg For Pittsburgh City Council District 1

Original post from September 28, 2006: Now with an UPDATE at end.

Tip #1 for a candidate for Pittsburgh City Council, special election, November 7.

Dave, put your home address on the web site. A P.O. Box just doesn't cut it. People want to know where you live. I'm glad you saved the Post Office, but this campaign is quick. Put the address there. You could have an "after the campaign long-term address footnote, if you so desire." But, you purchased a house for goodness sakes. Be proud of that and list it. - Dave Schuilenburg For Pittsburgh City Council District 1 PO Box#15170
Otherwise, nice site. I love what you are talking about. The overall themes are right on. We do need action. We do need folks to serve without being driven by 'self interest.' We do need reform. We do need families with young children to move into and stay in and thrive within our neighborhoods.

Best of luck to you. Hope to meet you soon.

Dave Schuilenburg, you've got my attention. I'm listening.

Dave sent me an email.


Thank you for your kind comments & constructive criticism. The reason it was ultimately decided to go with a post office box is 2 fold. First, I have been having mail theft issues as of late, and you can imagine how that could make or break the campaign. Second, with all the community & non-profit work I do, many times, all the mail does not fit in the box.

Again, thanks for the nice comments, and I too look forward to finally meeting you too.


Makes sense to me.

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