Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pa. lawmakers disagree on call for state constitutional convention

To those without an ability to think outside the box -- there is only one pathway. Get creative -- as there are many ways to get meaningful reform.
Pa. lawmakers disagree on call for state constitutional convention That's the only way to achieve meaningful reform, said Mr. Ferlo, D-Highland Park.
Perhaps a constitutional convention is the best way to achieve meaningful reform. However, it isn't the only way.

Mostly, however, I'd want to replace first and then reform. I'm very scared of reform with the same folks that are in there now.

If measure of reform get lost in the shuffle -- then perhaps the shuffle needs a new groove. The beat goes on for some -- while others just can't dance.

Those who are in the way need to be replaced.

Those who are in office now can't and won't want to make fundamental reforms, by and large.

And, my goodness, we don't need "ONE RALLYING CRY." No way.

We need harmony. We need balance. We need many voices. We need many rounds and multiple verses. The one-cry unity bunk is NOT okay for something as grand as a constitutional convention.

The Bill of Rights wasn't put into one declaration nor amendment.

Any construct of a conventional convention in Pennsylvania needs to examine Philly and what it means to be a city of the first class, a city of the second class and all the other cities in the commonwealth.

It might be best to have the greater Philly region remove itself from Pennsylvania. They can form their own, 51st state.

Then if they do a good job in setting up their own constutional convention -- we'll be watching.

A prohibition on lame-duck sessions can be done by house and senate leadership. And, others in the bodies. You don't need a new constituion to handle that.

A prohibition on extra compensation for legislators is already in the constitution. Too bad you, Jim Ferlo, didn't stand up and say a word about this while it was moving into becoming an illegal bill. Senator Ferlo voted "no" -- but didn't make a point of order nor issue a single statement, as person with a voice -- and a vote. Nobody said anything -- not even 'boo.'

The reconsideration of compensation for state judges does NOT require a constituional convention either. And, the talk about judges is more of a moment to moment political issue, not a way to govern ourselves.

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