Monday, October 02, 2006

part 2 - Dan Deasy's quote and roles

Say what?
Pittsburgh city hall lacks old hands, has fresh faces 'The city of Pittsburgh has changed,' said council Finance Chairman Dan Deasy, who took office in June 2005. 'We haven't been ingrained in the political system for years. We bring new ideas.'
Can anyone tell me one new idea that Dan Deasy has put on the table of City Council?

I like Dan. I think that the rest of the quote is okay. Yes, the city has changed. Yes, the young folks have not been political all that long. Dan isn't a lawyer. Dan is sincere. Dan is a hard worker. Dan is straight. Dan has a family. Dan wants a healthy Pittsburgh.

But tell me, Dan, or anyone else, what Dan has put forward as to new ideas.

Can you read his web site and find out?

Can you read his op-ed in the newspapers?

Can I remember his remarks while he was speaking to a group of concerned citizens?

And, to 'redd up' isn't a 'new idea' for goodness sakes.

Diverse opinions do become personal quickly. And my opinion of Dan isn't 'personal' -- it is factual in one regard -- new ideas.

Furthermore, I'm not even sure there is any saving grace to 'new ideas.' Don't hitch your wagon to that shooting star. If Dan had said we stand for good government, then he'd be hitting a home run. Stand for honesty. Stand for an approach that cares about the people. Stand for and speak about the fact that you have an 'open mind.' Slave upon the duty of being there and doing the necessary research before the votes are set at the table.

Dan is a good supporting role character in a time of crisis when there are others at the helm of the city after we've just changed captains. Dan is the guy who could best advance the redd-up agenda of Bob O'Connor. That is why he won the election, even before O'Connor got that job. Dan was not a 'Tom Murphy' clone nor 'supporter.' Dan was a clean up candidate, and the west end neighborhoods needed that.


Anonymous said...

Dan is doing a great job in his District. He is one of the best councilmen we have today!

Mark Rauterkus said...

No doubt. Thanks for proving my point. I agree Dan is doing fine. I just can't come to understand one new idea he has put on the table.

Prove me wrong, please.

Anonymous said...

what about deadbeat landlords

Anonymous said...

What about them?