Thursday, January 18, 2007

4,832 Votes in Allegheny County didn't count in November 2007 election

After some digging, here is a report about the recent election.

When Allegheny County Executive says that the election went on without a hitch -- he lied.

Tim Martin, Libertarian, candidate for US Senate against Rick Santorum and Bob Casey and Carl Romanelli, got 45 votes. None were reported from Allegheny County to Harrisburg. Zero.

Carl J. Romanelli got 107 votes.

Scattered votes = 595.

For Governor, Swann lost to Rendell. Russ Diamond scored 46 votes and NONE were reported to the state. Zero.

Marakay Rogers / Christina Valente got 50 votes that were reported.

In the 14th District for US Congress, votes were given to Michael Keaton, Mike Turzi, Bob Logue and Jim Quinn -- but none were reported. The reported amount of scattered votes is 577.

In the race that I wanted to enter, PA Senate, 42nd, against an un-democratic democrate without any other opposition, Michael Diven got 29 votes, Mark Harris got 16 votes, I got 14, and 588 votes went scattered to others.

All in all, in this year's write in votes I was suprised at how poorly the Disney characters did in the totals. But, I was very impressed with the creativity of the citizen voters. But the bottom line, we're not being told. Many vote didn't count.

A summary of the scattered votes, by my count: 4,832.

Other counties report the results of every voter, vote and candidate. Allegheny County doesn't.

These insights are not going to change the course of the world. No candidate stands a chance to be beaten by scattered write in votes. But, nobody should have confidence that everything is on the up and up.

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