Friday, January 19, 2007

Jon Delano news flash: JD admits: "Truth is, you have to think!"

Delano's serious back-peddling came on the air with KDKA Radio today. He contrasted what he said yesterday on the very same show.

My message to "Dime a Dozen Delano:" Pittsburgh should be so lucky to have political bloggers at dime a dozen rates.

Then he asked this question on the air: The fundamental political question, does it really matter? YES!

There is more out there. Out there is out there.

In the end, Pittsburgh is going to be a better place when we are more caring, loving, open and honest -- and online. We need political bloggers to care and cover issues. Next, we need politicians to get into the game of living in the open. We need debate and dissent. We need opposition. We need a ying and a yang among all yinzers, even elected ones.

Yesterday, Jon Delano said political bloggers are a dime a dozen. To bad this value wasn't the case a decade ago. If bloggers were a dime a dozen then, news crafters would not have been able to sweep this (see example illustration) under the rug.

Results: Rauterkus wins by landslide!

I'm dancing in the street because this is the week when political bloggers made a hit. We have an impact.

Yesterday I sent an email to Marty Griffin when he was talking with the old County Executive and the long-time Political Eore, James C. Roddey. I'd be happy to share my thoughts on why people will and will not run for public office in Allegheny County -- including Republicans. Dan Onorato is NOT un-touchable. Marty sent a short message about booking me on the show, and I look forward to that early next week.

Today's email to Marty was to ask MacYapper about his triumph with Betty Ford. Not the clinic, the person. Yes, J.D., you still have to think. Some things are just funny. Other things are for real. And the internet is so nice because the things that one thinks is real can be turned into what it is worth in short order. The cycles are quick. The reach is long. The depth of knowledge is way bigger than any one group of cronies.

Truth is, you have to think. And, you have to think with others. And when yo think out in the open -- like on the internet -- then soaring becomes possible. Even probable.

Now if the Pgh MSM (main stream media) would just drink from the well more often -- we'll be much more free and prosperous.

Another fitting bit of digital dust from 2001:
Rauterkus on democracy.


Anonymous said...

Guess you have 135 cousins!

Mark Rauterkus said...


Keep your eye on the ball. Status quo from the MSM is the theme.

The news of that story, above, was never put out on the air. Never. WTAE TV News coverage in January 2001 was without any sense of fairness to a challenger who won.

Early polls (as this was, from the MSM) are built to sustain the status quo.