Friday, January 19, 2007

The Pittsburgh Comet and its sick name-calling

The Pittsburgh Comet It's hard to blog about 'Prescription Pennsylvania.' Not even Rauterkus has tried yet, and that guy's a machine.
Machine! I'm not a machine politician. I'm sorta sick of Rendell.

Rendell was so-machine-like when the Gov let this cat out of the bad the day after starting his second term while NOT talking about these efforts for even a dying breath in the campiagn season of 2005.

But, to be honest, I did blog, slightly, about this. And, some views on healthcare are on the wiki. Senate Bill 1085 was nice.

I'm more about wellness. But I'd love to have more detailed views into what's what.

Thanks for the pointer.

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Anonymous said...

If we're gonna do this, I get to be the Donald

(no offense, Sue...)