Thursday, January 18, 2007

MacYapper -- should be a 2 way race at the end of MAY, not day.

John posted, in part:
MacYapper ... ruminations of countless pols, hacks, ne'erdowells, scalliwags, and scumbags, it looks like it's a two person race at the end of the day. Or at least, at the end of the sentence.
The race for mayor comes in two waves. One is at the end of 'may' -- or middle in the month of May, 2007. That's the primary.

The other wave comes in November 2007.

Plenty of races are looming on the ballot this year. Any scalligwags who want to shout out here can do so. Or, send me a pointer to your site / news.

School board and municipal elections happen this year. I hope that the bench is packed and the opposition is present, for both the spring and fall elections.


Matt H said...

Why even link that clowns blog? No one takes him seriously.

Anonymous said...

Gee Matt, you're having a hell of a night, are't you. Look, you're tired, it's late, and there will be plenty of new posts to comment upon tomorrow. Get some sleep, man.

It's really not about McIntire this time. You'll have to do better than that.

Oh, and Mark... your comments about 2-way-races after May 15th is remarkably similar to something that I wrote earlier today, but that is now buried at the bottom of my blog after all the broo-ha-ha this afternoon. Check out my post about election icebergs when you get the chance.