Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Needing tags for the new blog

Once blogger came out, I asked them to allow for tags. Now they've arrived. But, I'm not sure what tags to deploy?

I've got the four themes for campaign mode:

Future, Freedom, Fitness, Flow

I could just make them up as I go along:

Candidate, housekeeping, call (or invite), etc.

I might want to use the tag field to link back to the Platform.For-Pgh.org/wiki.

Advice welcome.

From texture - foods


Anonymous said...



Mark, look at this piece of ...well, fill in the blank.....and so typical Pittsburgh...you cannot even comment to this blog.

He's a piece of trash! And the blog is too! Throw this bum out and he needs to get a real job.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I did notice the blog. I'm left without comment.

His statement in the P-G article is so .... Motznik.

At another blog it was noted that you USED to be able to comment. Not now.