Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Ideas Bucket: Speaking of Bloggers... Peduto Hops on the Blog Wave.

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The Ideas Bucket: Speaking of Bloggers... Peduto Hops on the Blog Wave."The internet is the future," you wrote.

What about the present?
From Art from friends

Jeepers. Two days ago I went to PAT's second Public Hearing and Bob Grove, PAT's media guy, wouldn't give me a press kit. Then yesterday at PAT's public hearing, a PAT Police Officer took me out of the room to say I could not video tape the public hearing from my seat with my little video camera. This a a public event about a public agency that spends lots of public money. Its about public transportation!

Then today, I get the message, screen shot show above, from a campaign blog. Bill Peduto's blog is off limits to me, for now.

Things up and down on the internet all the time. Content moves and changes. Edits are fine and good. No big deal. So, I expect that this "Do not enter sign" is just a temporary bit of housekeeping with the blog. Let me know when the stop light changes to green as I don't want to generate an automatic traffic violation nor get a citation in the mail from some internet highway 'red light camera.'

Now to look for the YouTube action.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Dan, thanks for getting me a copy of the materials at the public hearing yesterday from the CMU Prof.

A packet of info and charts about traffic matters from an aid to Bill Peduto came my way while in Council Chambers yesterday afternoon.

I could NOT locate the info on the web -- so I was handed a photo-copied set of materials.

Thanks again.