Monday, January 22, 2007

Pittsblog: Sports in Perspective

Pittsblog: Sports in Perspective: "Sports in Perspective"
My comments posted at Pittsblog.

Nice article.

Thanks for the pointer.

But you know, what Mayor Tom Murphy and Tom Cox did in Pittsburgh is worse. Way worse. No joke.

The Pgh Interfaith Group had lined up free computers, free service, free install, free support, free network connectivity -- and a plan to put 4 PCs into 6 Rec Centers in the city. Tom Murphy, MAYOR, said no. The city's cost was $0.

He said the cost would be more than $200k and that if the demand was there he'd put it on the list for Citiparks to do in a year or so.

Six months later he closed all 32 outdoor swim pools and 16 rec centers. Closed. Locked down. Stayed that way for more than 6 months. Only then did we pry the keys off him to open a few centers where there was booster money and skin in the game for our kids.

From playground - usa

These were and still are -- OUR FACILITIES.

Meanwhile, Tom MURPHY promised to make Ultimate Frisbee Fields in Highland Park, near the bike oval. That was a broken promise, but Tom needed to get the support of the ignorant young people. They bought it hook, line and sinker -- until I showed them the light of day.

Then, Bob O'Connor said if he was elected mayor, he'd open ALL the swim pools. Yeah, right.

The All Star Game came and there was a red carpet from the downtown hotel to PNC Park for convertables and million-dollar ball players.

Little has been done.

Pittsburgh does not need to take a back seat to anyone in terms of the lost opportunities we steal from our kids.

No wonder people vote with their feet. No wonder the Pgh Public Schools are shrinking faster than expected. No wonder our kids shoot each other -- as there is nothing else for them to shoot for!

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