Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wagner dynasty may line up behind ...

The Wagners might support Peduto. And, they might support me too. And, they are known to celebrate Christmas too.
Wagner dynasty may line up behind Bill Peduto - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review A run for governor is believed to be the only reason the one-time City Council president isn't launching his own mayoral candidacy.

And it would be an easier path to the governor's office for Wagner if the Pittsburgh mayor was his political ally rather than an Onorato confidant.


Anonymous said...

what are you running for?

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'm not running for anything in the next election -- and that means the May 15, 2007 election.

However, I might -- err -- expect that I'll have some skin in the game for the November 2007 general election.

I'm going to run, sure. But, expect me to STAND for office before the voters, and I'll be doing that as a Libertarian.

Thanks for asking.

What about you? Are you running for public office?

I'll be handing out a CD to all who attend the seminar hosted by the League of Women Voters on Saturday when they conduct the HOW TO RUN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE seminar. More insights from me will be delivered then and there.

Anonymous said...

See? The Wagner's support for Bill P. has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Peduto's campaign manager.