Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blogging Causes Ravenstahl Incident To Hit High Water - News

Explosive. But not like thugs, right?
Blogging Causes Ravenstahl Incident To Hit High Water - News McIntire's decision to go public unleashed the explosive power of the Internet in a way never before seen in Pittsburgh's politics.
Funny quote: These blogs are not affiliated with WTAE-TV. Some of them may contain rough language. Too bad the fourth estate, the jouralist-watchdogs, don't bark with "rough language." Rough-ruff! =:0

Gotta love the headline of hitting high water. Worth a video clip. You write the caption to the video clip in the comments.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me how some 'police incidents' involving public officials are exposed and make their rounds all over the media with the intention to do great political harm, while others never, ever see the light of day. Wonder why nobody has ever reported on the incident in Oakland when Tonya Payne and Twanda Carlisle were detained while driving a city-issued vehicle? Also, it turned out that neither had a valid license. This incident happened when both were council aides, to Udin and McDonald. Payne went through an entire campaign with nary a mention. Do I smell special treatment?

Mark Rauterkus said...

You might be smelling dirty laundry. Have you tried to clean your socks?

You see, it comes back to 'soap.' Selling soap is important.

Smelly socks and selling soap should be connected, but, people want clean -- or news directors want to deliver clean.

Anonymous -- get a user-name and shower before posting your laundry here. Okay?