Sunday, January 21, 2007

China's wide-open adoption door closes

Great Wall
China's wide-open adoption door closes China soon will bar foreigners who are single, obese, blind, deaf, over 50 or twice-divorced from adopting
Another B.M.I. article mention.

One's ability to parent may or may not hinge upon one's weight. But the measurement of being a non-smoker isn't going to fly in China where smoking is so pervasive. That's why not smoking.

The quote about no kid ever being harmed by second-hand fat is a cute. But the expression, "Pull Your Own Weight" is a bit harder when one's weight is too much. The other expression, "Do unto others as you'd do unto yourself" is put on its head when one's own treatment of oneself is too "over-the-top."

China can't afford to send so many of its girl babies overseas. We knew that this door closing was sure to occur.

The relationships in China are complicated. The values are hard to understand. I'd not want to second-guess their cultures. Thankfully, many have come to join in in the states in the past.

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