Friday, January 19, 2007

Honz Man Spouts about Blogs

Honz is in a rant about blogs on Friday at his show -- noon to 5 pm.

He wants to hear from us. Giggle.

One of Fred's points, the mainstream media has rules. Blogs don't. For the record, I'm a grad of Ohio University, school of journalism. I understand the rules.

My last conversation with Honz ended when he said, "You have some good points. Many agree with you." Click. But trust doesn't mean anything. So if we are going to pick-up the conversation on rules and ethics, Honz has to come clean with me on this little point of 'trust.' I blogged about this and we had a good chuckle because the very next thing out of our radio, after turning up the volume, was "KDKA, news you can trust."

A blog expert is slated to be on the air shortly, I guess. Fred, I'd be glad to have serious conversations with you, any time.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Another in-house KDKA radio PR blurb following another caller begins:

"Your going to get your nightly truth at KDKA... "