Thursday, January 18, 2007

Political Bloggers: "Dime a dozen" says Jon Delano

Dime a dozen. Jon Delano just earned new nick-name from me. Dime a Dozen Delano.

What I post on this blog is MORE accountable than what goes out on the air at KDKA-TV because there is a "comment button" here. One can't talk back to the TV with any satisfaction.

The press is free as long as you have one. I do, too.

Marty Griffin and Jon Delano were talking about one of their own, the MacYapper. Delano said that the bloggers can say anything they want and the Main Stream Media (MSM) would never stoop so low. Giggle. It was the MSM guy, the recent KDKA-radio show host, that is taking about thug-like behaviors.

Oh well. Let me edit this audio file in the days to come.

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