Monday, January 29, 2007

Fun, fun, fun -- without the t-bird. Do You Know the Way to Monterey?

News at 11. That's on the 11th. Been there. Done that.

Day started with 'jazz church.'

At the aquarium, M was sure that Grant should go first in the shark bite simulator. Grant was going to try it with his left arm if not his foot.

Perhaps the Pgh Bloggers could get a pool of money together and approach the Pgh Zoo and Aquarium and offer to sponsor a local version of the shark bite simulator.

A women, while at the otter exhibit said that she didn't know of a place where people could swim with otters. Grant said, "Lady, have you ever heard of the ocean?"

Today's agenda: Erik wants to go whale watching. Redwood sightings are possible. The boys said they wanted to 'sleep in' and just relax to start the day. But, at 5:30 am they were putting lumps in our bed, here at our Hotel Califorinia. Perhaps we'll eat Rice-a-roni and commute on the cable cars for kicks and stroll in Aquatics Park. Catherine expect to peer around with and at the seals as well on Pier 39.

We took both a city tour and a boat tour in San Francisco.

Didn't eat Rice-a-Roni.

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