Saturday, January 27, 2007

Steve Bland finds himself out on a limb

So sad.
Gratta from the about silence of leaders.
The age old saying is, "Measure twice. Cut once."

PAT didn't measure. Or, to be more clear, the data that they used to measure is a total shot in the dark. They are clueless in terms of understanding the value decisions.

The scorecard is wrong and, to use a Mario term, "offensive."

Steve, I was there.

PAT's current plan at operational cuts is institutional suicide. There are so many things that are wrong with this thinking, that it is hard to begin to list them.

Steve Bland is a hatchet man. He's a hack. He should get no support. What is being proposed can't be defended with common sense. What PAT proposes has no historical understanding of being accurate. PAT's track record is not able to be defended either. And, PAT's track record begins with the lack of justifications for the two tunnels PAT is hoping to build under the Allegheny River for a tiny extension of light-rail to service the stadiums.

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