Monday, January 22, 2007

State College grew despite status as inaccessible

Do you think that the Mon Valley could take a page from this example?
Centre Daily Times | 01/21/2007 | State College grew despite status as inaccessiblemThe joke is as old as the Farmers High School and may even predate the institution chartered in 1855.

An outsider asks directions of a local man who, happy to oblige, answers confidently at first, but has to stop and restart several times.

Finally, in frustration, he sputters, 'You can't get there from here.'
The Mon Valley Toll Road is a project that should not be built. The worst part of it is the leg that rips into the foot of Bates Ave at the Oakland Exit of the Parkway East and crushes Hazelwood. That last part should NOT be built.

For the record, I've been against the Mon Valley Toll Road for many years.

The article talks of jitney drivers. We'll be talking more and more of this hired car, like a taxi, as the buses depart.

The roads to and around State College are not as they were even a decade or two ago. Wide highways have been built.

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