Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Advice to Mayor Luke Ravenstahl -- and my comments to Pgh City Council

I spoke for three minutes, again, today in City Council Chambers.

Headline: Luke should fire Mr. Specter, the city's solicitor. Luke's been getting bad advice. Next, Luke should settle the case with the police commander now. I don't want my mayor to be in a court battle with a police commander. Finally, Luke needs to nominate and appoint a person as the boss of public safety. Luke in a rush to appoint a political cronie but the post is still empty. Did care and concern for the public's health die?

Another speaker was before City Council to ponder and plead for the re-deployment of Commander B, formerly of the east end and recently at Zone 3. She's been put to another area of the city.

I don't want to micro-manage decisions on the police force and with the administration. That isn't a job of those on city council. However, those decisions do reflect upon the administration. Having a revolving door of police commanders in the zone sends a message.

Cry-baby talk of 'mine, mine, mine' isn't going to prove to region that the zone is getting back on its feet. Spare the tears Bruce Krause.

In other points:

The South Side is going to be home to a running club for kids. They meet at 3 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays at Ormsby Rec Center.

The South Side Market House is going to come back to life with indoor hockey again. The season starts this week for the little kids. The fall season of indoor soccer was nixed, sadly. Good that the tykes and kids are getting some organized programming and gym time.
From Market House
A public hearing in city council chambers is slated for Wed afternoon. See the Google calendar called Pittsburgh City Hall. This talk about the PAT service cuts is a big issue that needs attention.

Today is a sad day on other transportation news as they are advancing the under river tunnel for light rail. I've spoken out against that project for many years. When asked about 'transportation' a year ago as I campaigned with Jeff Koch for the city council seat -- Mr. Koch said he wanted to re-pave Arlington Avenue. I said I wanted to not build the tunnel under the river, saving more than enough to re-pave Arlington Ave.

Going underground. Digging to China might make for a better Return On Investment.

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